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AMHUK is multi brand stores, which is located in multiple cities and all major B2C eCommerce platforms like Amazon Flipcart Meesho and many more. AMHUK guaranteed best quality garments like Men's Jeans, Men's Shirts etc. in very reasonable price.


Major Brand of AMHUK store is, ASHTOM, XTOM, IRKIS, H-HUKH, AMREST which is very –closely linked to the customers. In ASHTOM we provide a reasonable range for Men's Jeans, Men's Shirts, Men's T-Shirts, Men's Trousers, Men's Lowers, Men's Sweat Shirts, Men's Jackets and many more.


ASHTOM, XTOM, IRKIS, H-HUKH, AMREST feels proud to establish an Industry standard which sets a benchmark for quality, design & style by using the finest fabrics, craftsmen & mills.

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